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Minimize Kitchen Clutter with These Tips

June 8th, 2017


Kitchens have made a serious comeback. For many people, cooking shows and the foodie life have helped make this section of the home more important than ever.

So, in an apartment, how do you make the kitchen as functional, spacious and inviting as possible? Check out these tips for minimizing clutter in apartment kitchens:

Organize Within Reason

There are thousands of space-saving organizers on the market — everything from sink caddies to stackable bins. However, there can be too much of a good thing. It’s not uncommon for a kitchen to become overrun — you might even say “cluttered” — with organizers that were designed to save space.

The solution is simple but requires self-awareness: Take inventory and be honest with yourself about the most essential organizational tools in your apartment kitchen. Everything else must go.

Rule Your Countertops

If you can keep your countertop clutter under control, you can do anything. This area is one of the easiest places to casually put car keys, shopping bags, mail and much more. Before you know it, your modern kitchen with elegant designer finishes is a glorified junk drawer.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can rule your countertops with a cast-iron fist — especially if you recognize the pitfalls. Set firm rules for your household and be vigilant about putting things where they go instead of wherever is most convenient in the moment. Also, take great care in choosing appliances that maximize use and take up little space.

Turn Simple Kitchen Tasks Into Habits

Cleaning your entire kitchen all at once is daunting at best and convulsion-inducing at worst. Like in most aspects of our lives, developing a routine of basic yet consistent kitchen maintenance is much more productive than the “all or nothing” approach.

Be Innovative

Pinterest is brimming with unique ways to organize anything and everything, including smaller kitchens. It’s a great resource, but it’s also a reminder that there are millions of ways to use everyday items to save space. It all depends on your unique needs, as well as what items are available.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the possibilities. Use whatever tactics and tools you can find, as long as the end result is a decluttered apartment kitchen.

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