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How to Maximize Closet Space in Your Apartment

May 18th, 2017


Your closets are key to your apartment organization strategy. Out-of-sight, organized storage is what makes your daily life calm and your living spaces restful. Ask yourself these questions to make the most of your apartment closets:

Do I love and use it?

Wall placement is the unchangeable element in your apartment organization scheme, so even the most organized space can only hold so much. If you start with a thorough purging of your closet contents, and know that you’re working with only what should really be there, your reorganization plan is far more likely to be successful. Use additional storage, if necessary, to reduce your apartment contents to only those things you use on a regular basis.

Where’s the empty space?

Open your closet doors, stand back, and take a look at the big picture. Where is the dead space? Most hanger rods are installed at eye level, but few of us have a wardrobe of full-length jumpsuits and dresses. Do you have a lot of hanging shirts, pants, and skirts with empty space below them? Is volume going unused above the items on the top shelf? Eliminating and capitalizing on these spaces will have a huge impact on apartment organization, and seeing their shape and size clearly tells you what kind of storage will fit the best.

Where are curved or crooked lines?

Wherever you see things uneven or out of line, you can make improvements to your closet and apartment organization. Get rid of the jangle of hodgepodge wire hangers so that hanging items hang straight and even. Replace the mismatched shoe boxes, cartons, and totes with stackable containers of uniform size. You’ll find you can get much more into your space—and access it more easily—if your containers don’t look like a poorly played Tetris game. If stacks of folded items are leaning and falling over, use shelf dividers to keep them straight.

Is there another way to use this?

Apartment organization tools not specifically intended for the closet—or intended for the closet in a specific way—can have alternative uses. Shoe organizers that hang from the closet rod have limitless uses. Beyond shoes, imagine them as a place for rolled-up sweaters or for sorted underwear, hosiery, scarves, or athletic wear. The same goes for sweater stackers and pocketed over-the-door shoe organizers. File organizers can keep clutches and wallets tidy and visible, and desk organizers work well for jewelry, glasses, and other small items. A tie rack can be a great organizer for camisoles, jewelry, or belts.

What about the walls?

In apartment organization as a whole, as well as closet organization, look to the walls. Add hooks, racks, or rails. S-hooks and clips give you infinite flexibility to hang purses, scarves, pajamas, camisoles or bras, accessories, and so on. High-heel shoes can hook on rails, as well. Finally, widen your gaze to the walls outside your closet. Perhaps you can add shelves (or even bookshelf units) to create a larger dressing area, with organized, decorative storage in baskets and printed boxes, as well as displays that turn your jewelry and dressing items into sparkling decor.

Inside or outside your closet, tidy storage is a pleasure to live with. Making the most of your closets will improve your apartment organization as well as your enjoyment of apartment life.


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