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Decorate Your Apartment with Light

May 25th, 2017


The pillows are plumped, the colors flow, but for some reason the room just seems dull. Chances are, the problem is light. Or more precisely, the lack of it. It’s easy to flip the wall switch and then, because the room isn’t dark, not give light another thought. But thoughtful use of light will make all the difference in your apartment decor. Use these tips to get started:

Check all the boxes:

Interior lighting is classified as ambient, task, or accent. Your ceiling mounted fixtures take care of the ambient light that illuminates each room. Task light is what you need for the things you do—reading lamps, desk lights, kitchen lighting. Accent light focuses attention on decorative features. Make sure you add lighting to your apartment decor, placed at different levels, that does each of those jobs.

Maximize with reflection:

A key apartment decor trick is to make a small room look larger by capturing and reflecting light. A mirror located to reflect natural light is the next best thing to adding a window. Shiny objects and surfaces bounce light around a room, and brighten a decorative display.

Draw out receding spaces:

Inexpensive adhesive LED strip lighting can transform your apartment decor. Put them inside shelving units or under kitchen cabinets to pull those tucked-back spaces out of the dark and make them look special. In work spaces, such as kitchen counters under cabinets or a desk under an overhanging shelf, you get the double impact of both task and accent lighting.

Make good bulb decisions:

Light bulb choices used to be simple: clear or frosted, at different wattage levels. Now you have choices of different qualities of light, at different levels of brightness, dimmable or not, of different types, and choosing the right one makes all the difference in your apartment decor. Learn more about the qualities of different types of bulbs, brightness, and color here, then look at in-store displays to see for yourself. Then make sure you use same-color shades on all lamps in the same room.

Use alternative accent lighting:

In apartments, you can’t add the directed recessed lighting you’d find in a designer home washing a fireplace wall. Add clip-on picture lights to framed art. They will make a framed piece of a child’s art or a favorite pop-art poster look special. A directed uplight will subtly draw attention to something hung on the wall or a sculptural plant.

A well lit room is used and enjoyed, while a badly lit room makes you want to go someplace else. So decorate with light and make your apartment decor all it can be.


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