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3 Apartment Organization Hacks for a Happier Home

August 4th, 2017


Living in an apartment has many advantages, as well as a few challenges. One of the latter is space. Well-thought, creative organization is vital when your living area is relatively small.

Inventive renters are finding new ways to use old tools such as hooks, brackets and shelves. With a few tips and an open mind, you can turn your apartment into a highly modern-looking, well-planned, space-saving machine.

Here are three cool apartment organization hacks for a happier home:

Over-the-Door Storage:

One of the most trendy AND effective organization hacks is storage containers that hang from the top of doors — holding everything from shoes and hats to cleaning supplies. Utilizing the areas in front of and behind your doors is a clever way to conserve space and impress friends with your ingenuity.

This hack also works on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. Pot lids and even small garbage cans can be neatly stowed away.

Hooks, Hooks & More Hooks

Hooks of all kinds can be beneficial in a smaller living space. In the kitchen, for instance, hanging coffee mugs on hooks against the wall can save lots of cabinet space. In the shower, you can hang multiple adhesive hooks for helpful shower caddies. On the shower rod, hooks are great for hanging bath towels.

A little creativity can take your organization skills to new heights. Magazines? Sure. Coats? OK. Lights? Why not!

More Brackets & Shelves, Please

Shelves and brackets are the new normal, not just in apartments but houses, too. Shelves resting atop brackets have been popular for a while, as renters use them for both feng shui and functionality. For instance, candles can be placed on easy-to-install shelves instead of taking up crucial counter or table space.

Even the brackets themselves are becoming popular organization tools. Many people mount brackets without any shelving, using the metal to hang various items. Others turn their brackets into creative furniture, magazine racks, and other furnishings.

Space to Shape

Are you looking forward to putting your personal organizational touch on a great living space? There are apartments to rent at ICO Ivory Ridge. Explore here.



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